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Star Wars Cubed

Gravatar Posted 22:52
Sat 14 January
by Captain General Carnivicus the third

Here it is, the grand opening of Carny Reunion! Come in, make yourself at home. Sit down, relax. Have a cool refreshing glass of O.J. You like O.J. Don't you? Of course you do. Everyone likes O.J.

3 spoonfuls of mystery, one heaping ladle of funlarity, and two comfortable handfuls of paprika. These are the ingredients of carny reunion, the Internets very first webpage featuring comics in an online format.

So If you like any or preferably all of those aforementioned ingredients, prepare yourself for a treat of majestic proportions. Yes these proportions will involve majesty, and large quantities of majesty at that!

Let me introduce the team here at Carny Reunion. We have me, Captain General Carnivicus the third, my arch-enemy Xander, and a slew of guest artists who we will of course introduce whenever they decide to grace us with their presence.

We promise you oodles and I do mean oodles of razz-a-ma-tazz. Never too much tazz but occasionally an unhealthy amount of Raz-a-ma. You can consider this the Carny Reunion promise! (oh yeah and majesty, don't forget the majesty!)


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