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Artists' Guild Strike??

Gravatar Posted 07:02
Thu 20 September
by Xander

Last Wednesday I sat at my desk and found the above letter. Sin, as well as the other artist, went on strike. So last Wednesday I opened up a bottle of Captain Morgan and drank until I passed out.

The following morning I felt revitalized and ready to find some sort of comic from the archive to post on that fine Thursday morning. As I was about to post I was told that it was a week later. I had been in an alcoholic coma for one week. I was left with no other choice than to post this letter to try and squeeze what artwork I had of that no good swindler, Sin. What I can't believe is that his stick people aren't very good. You've seen his other stuff and it's great. I guess when he decides to strike he really means it... touche, Sin.


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